Your support makes friendships, learning, and optimal health possible

The Tallahassee Senior Center and Foundation recently celebrated its 40th anniversary. We asked participants who are age 90+ to share how the Senior Center – and your support – has made a difference in their lives. Their stories are below. If you’d like to support the programs and services these seniors and many others count on, please click here to give online. If you’d like to share how the Senior Center and Foundation has made a difference for you or someone you know, please contact us here.

Zilpha Boyd

“I live alone, but I never feel lonely because I can walk over to the Senior Center. I feel at home here. Don’t retire and sit in your house.

“I love the Nimble Fingers group. I haven’t gotten many stitches done, but I get in a lot of good visiting.”

Zilpha Boyd (center) and Leila Doolittle enjoy talking with friends at the Senior Center.

Byrl Clayton

“My husband, mother and mother-in-law all died within three years, and I was depressed. A friend, Donna, said, ‘Come to art class.’ I told her that I didn’t know anything about painting, and she said, ‘You can learn.’ Charles Hazelip was the instructor, and he was friendly, welcoming and encouraging. I am still painting and enjoying the classes.”

At over 90 years old, Byrl Clayton (center) is still painting and enjoying classes at the Senior Center.

John and Frances Stiles

“The Senior Center is a wonderful place to feel like you’re doing something and meeting great people.”

We thank the Lord every day for giving us another day, said John and Frances Stiles. They enjoy meeting friends at the Senior Center.

Dot Carroll

“The Senior Center has given me a place for entertainment. I love telling new people who have moved to town about all the fantastic things here.”

"Exercise is my secret to long life," says Dot Carroll. "I started exercising when I was 10 years old." Your support makes a variety of exercise programs possible.

Margaret Hamilton

“After my husband died, I came to a pastel class and met Madrea. There was always so much going on, so I got involved with the Advisory and Art councils. The Senior Center is a great place for socializing and has helped me make many friends.”

Madrea Keeler

“The Senior Center made a tremendous difference in my life by allowing me to go into art since I always wanted to.”

Margaret Hamilton, Deborah Gordon, and Madrea Keeler enjoyed the Tallahassee Senior Center and Foundation's 40th anniversary celebration.

Josephine Newton

“Meeting all the different people of all ages at the Senior Center is so valuable. Friendships are so important.”

Friendships are so important, says Josephine Newton. The Senior Center is a gathering place for many active adults in our community, thanks to your support.