Albert Green believes that fellowship with family and neighbors is paramount to good health and active aging. Born and raised in the small town northeast of Tallahassee, Albert remains a proud member and pillar of the Miccosukee community.

As a longtime, committed volunteer with the Leon County Senior Outreach program, Albert is always a willing assistant. Each month, he escorts Miccosukee seniors on the StarMetro bus to the local Walmart so they can pick up their groceries and other necessities. He regularly attends the sign-in table for monthly Lunch and Learn events, greeting regulars and newcomers alike with his warm, welcoming smile.

Other examples of his selflessness include organizing and hosting the annual Christmas dinner for local seniors in Miccosukee. Now in its 18th year, the event began as a small get-together and has grown to include more than 100 attendees. In addition to this community dinner, Albert has implemented the joyous tradition of purchasing and delivering hand-picked Christmas gifts for many of the area’s older residents.

Albert demonstrates a deep love for his neighbors, listening to their stories, visiting people who are sick, and regularly spending time with them. His devotion to the Miccosukee people is further expressed through his lifelong involvement in his neighborhood church. A member of Concord AME Church for the past 56 years, he has served as financial secretary for 50 years and was choir president for 20 years. In addition to his extensive community and church work, Albert loves to take walks around his neighborhood.

Growing up as the baby of the family, Albert shared his world with three older siblings. He eventually married his beloved wife, Edith, in 1970 and had two sons, who they raised in Miccosukee. Albert travels often to visit his family in Atlanta, which now includes five grandchildren – but he always makes sure to come back to his home. “I have traveled a lot, but I could never be away from Miccosukee for more than a week,” he says with a laugh.

Albert Green strives to maintain an active presence within his community, reflecting his personal motto: “If you bless someone, you’ll be blessed.”