In the era of Fitbits and fad fitness frenzies, it often seems everyone is either obsessed with exercise or staunchly avoiding it. But Annie Rolle’s outlook on exercise is a refreshing reality check. For Rolle, exercise is what keeps her from being “hampered by aches and pains.”

Blessed with three children and 13 grandchildren, Annie refuses to let age slow her down or steal her strength and mobility. She frequently travels to visit her out-of-town family. During the week, Annie helps take care of her Tallahassee-based grandchildren, after she serves as an active volunteer at their elementary school. Leaning back in her chair with a laugh, Annie says with a satisfied sigh, “I’m living it all over again” – and enjoying every moment of it.

For over 10 years, Annie’s weekly workout routine consists of fitness classes two days a week at the Senior Center and three days of exercise at Gold’s Gym. But exercise is not her only activity. Annie is active and busy, from bus tours and field trips to computer classes, to her participation in the Senior Games to serving on the Senior Services Advisory Council. Approaching her 80th birthday this July, she embodies her motto, “If you do nothing, you’ll end up in a wheelchair.”

Annie Rolle continues to encourage her peers to experience the priceless benefits of an active lifestyle. She gives the following advice for positive aging, “Stay active – find something you enjoy doing, and do it! Get involved with the Senior Center, there will be something that strikes your fancy.”