• Last Betrayal on the Wakulla
    September 12, 2019
    8:30 am - 2:30 pm

Search for hidden answers on a visit to the Spanish Fuerte San Marcos de Apalache in St. Marks with historian Dr. Madeleine Carr. Did the betrayal of a Creek prophet lead to the longest war in American history? Stroll through the familiar fort grounds and gain a new historical perspective: Who were the Creeks and where did they live locally? Who were the Creek prophets tied to the Wakulla River? What role did they play in the ensuing Creek Wars? Learn about Andrew Jackson and his campaign against the Creeks in his quest for an American empire. Walk peacefully alongside the picturesque Wakulla River as you learn how this short river became the site for longstanding historical fallacies.  Join Dr. Carr in her engaging new quest to bring the Second Spanish period to life! This fascinating presentation includes a tour through the interpretive displays of the fort museum followed by a delightful picnic lunch served underneath the timeless ancient oaks. Meet in the Tallahassee Senior Center Dining Room by 8:30 am.


148 Old Fort Rd., St. Marks, Florida, 32355