Creativity in Oils & Acrylics

An exhibit of artworks by TSC for the Arts participants.

To purchase a piece, please contact and she will put you in touch with the artist directly.

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Click on the images below to view a larger version of each piece. Enjoy!

People’s Choice Winners are:

Favorite Landscape: LAST PLACE WE WERE A FAMILY by Rita Barker
Favorite Water Scene: RAIN BARREL by Fran Buie
Favorite Animal: FRED, MY FLAMINGO FRIEND by Jackie Lloyd
Favorite Still Life: ROSIE MEMORIES by Amy Cober
Favorite Use of Color: JEWEL NEBULA by Gail Bauman & GIANNA’S INSPIRATION by Rita Barker
Overall Favorite: GIANNA’S INSPIRATION by Rita Barker

Thanks to everyone who voted!

1. Hillary Brigham, Sand Beach Road, Acrylic, $150

2. Gail Bauman, Horizon, Oil & Cold Wax, $150

3. Gail Bauman, Jewel Nebula, Oil & Cold Wax, $175

4. Tom Friedman, My Studio, Oil on Paper, $350

What Inspired you?

5. Carly Brady, The Heart of the Hoodoos, Acrylic, $200

6. Carly Brady, Celestial Lights, Acrylic, $200

7. Tom Friedman, Some Things Never Change, Oil on Paper, $350

What Inspired you?

8. Debbie Gaedkte, Ribbons of Change, Oil, $220

What Inspired you?

9. Mary Berman, Colorado Restaurant, Oil, NFS

10. Fran Buie, Waltzing, Oil, $325

11. Tom Mitas, Where Do I Go?, Oil, NFS

12. Audrey Thomson, Joy, Acrylic, NFS

13. Audrey Thomson, A Sign of the Times, Acrylic, NFS

14. Joan Keen, A Gift for My Sister, Oil, NFS

What Inspired you?

15. Karen Stewart, St. Marks, Oil, $195

16. Tom Mitas, Virginia Dogwoods, Acrylic on Wood Panel, $83

What Inspired you?

17. Siroos Tamaddoni, Country Life, Oil, NFS

18. Siroos Tamaddoni, Golden Hour, Oil, NFS

What Inspired you?

19. Brenda Francis, Down in Dixie, Oil, $200

20. Rita Barker, Last Place We Were A Family, Acrylic, NFS

21. Duke Kraai, Heritage Trail, Oil, NFS

22. Brenda Francis, Lazy Cows by the Barn, Oil, $300

23. Jackie Lloyd, Sylvan Light, Acrylic, NFS

24. Judy L Fongheiser, Patch of Sun, Acrylic, $100

What Inspired you?

25. Mary Berman, In the Mist, Oil, NFS

26. Amy Cober, Falling Water, Acrylic, $75

27. Judy L Fongheiser, Falling Water, Acrylic, $75

28. Pam Springer, Sioux City Falls, Oil, NFS

29. Mary Lou Smith, Farm in the Valley Hood River Oregon, Acrylic, NFS

30. Fran Buie, Rain Barrel, Oil, $375

31. Karen Stewart, Breakfast, Oil, $95

32. Amy Cober, Rosy Memories, Acrylic, NFS

33. Rufino Rengifo, Still Life 1, Acrylic, NFS

34. Rufino Rengifo, Still Life 2, Acrylic, NFS

35. Rita Barker, Gianna’s Inspiration, Acrylic, NFS

36. Jackie Lloyd, Fred, My Flamingo Friend, Acrylic, $225