Celebrating Sheila’s 25th year as Director of TSC!

Mile markers. Every hike, road trip, and journey display them to measure progress and capture highlights along the way. Avid hiker and traveler Sheila Salyer has seen thousands of them during her many adventures, but none are as significant as Mile Marker 25 of her journey as head of the Tallahassee Senior Center.

In the 25 years since Sheila accepted the position to lead the TSC, she has assembled an amazing team of “fellow travelers” to navigate a path of phenomenal growth of senior participation, community partnerships, and class offerings. Together, they have reached this milestone with the unique blend of City and Foundation resources, while also enlisting the support of County, other governmental grants, and private sector businesses to maximize opportunities for older adults in the Tallahassee area to remain active and engaged in their community.

To help ensure programs are funded to reach these future Mile Markers, contributions to commemorate this event will be invested in the TSC Foundation’s endowment fund at the Community Foundation of North Florida. Please show your support for Mile Marker 25 by making a donation to keep Tallahassee older adults active and engaged for future generations.

Mile Marker 25 Celebration

Sheila and the TSC team thank you for commemorating this Mile Marker 25 and their significant achievements during the past quarter century. We look forward to upcoming milestones, such as fully re-opening normal activities and building a second senior center in Canopy on Welaunee Way.

In honor of Sheila Salyer’s 25 years of service at the TSC as our Director, help us reach our goal of raising $25,000 for the Endowment Fund at the Community Foundation to help establish future sustainable income for TSC programs.