A TSC for the Arts exhibit of still life artworks.

To purchase a piece, please contact and she will put you in touch with the artist directly.

For more information about the TSC Arts Program, please email To register for art classes, please visit:

Click on the images below to view a larger version of each piece. Enjoy!

  1. Audrey Thomson, Peonies, Acrylic, NFS

2. Tom Friedman, Garden Table, Watercolor, $450

3. Dog Nordby, Egyptian Vase, OIl, NFS

4. Angela Whiddon, Sunflowers in a Vase, Acrylic, NFS

5. Angela Whiddon, Mason Jar, Acrylic, NFS

6. Nancy Smith, Onions, Acrylic, NFS

7. Teresea Brown, Cornucopia, Acrylic, $40

8. Ruth Nickens, Still Life With Okra, Glass, $350

9. Tom Friedman, Art 401, Pastels, $350

10. Tom Mitas, Bread of Life, Acrylic, $149

11. Teresea Brown, Pear and Peach, Acrylic, $200

12. Tom Mitas, Smells Good Too, Oil, $149

13. Mary Lou Merritt Smith, Purple Reign, Acrylic, NFS

14. Allison Edwards, Sunny Days (Cornelius Dragan Study), Acrylic, NFS

15. Nancy Smith, Cut Onions, Acrylic, NFS

16. Ann Deese, Posies, Acrylic, $25

17. Doug Nordby, Sunflower, Oil, NFS

18. Allison Edwards, Pink Burst (Cornelius Dragan Study), Acrylic, NFS

19. Alice Stadin, Favorite Colors, Oil, $200

20. Fran Buie, Red Roses, Giclee, $50

21. Untitled Still Life, Acrylic, NFS