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Celebrating Susan Davis

Happy Trails to Me…
I’m off to find my flow!
By Susan P.Davis

I am retiring.

There, I’ve said it – but I’m not sure the word is accurate. I am withdrawing from my job as coordinator of the Leon County Senior Outreach program, but I’m far from retiring. I am simply taking on a new adventure.

Nineteen years ago, I answered an ad in the newspaper for a senior-service coordinator position with the Tallahassee Senior Center and Foundation. The main purpose of the job was to bring resources, services and social opportunities to seniors who lived inside Leon County, but outside the city limits. It was to be a brand-new program and had no instructions. What a gift.

Have you ever heard the concept of “flow?” It refers to involving yourself so deeply in something that hardly anything else seems to matter and you lose all track of time. It marries challenges of interest with personal skills. This job helped me discover skills I never knew I had, and presented challenges that I loved. I have been immersed for 19 years.

The best part of all? The people. Many program participants live in deeply rural areas of Leon County, some for generations. They brought gardenias, zucchini, and grapefruits to share, along with tales of community lore. Others were newcomers to the area and grateful for the warm reception they found at our events. Everyone shared unique histories, friendly smiles, and heartfelt hugs.

It takes a village to make a program like this work. Since 2003, approximately 100 community partners a year have brought resources and information to these locations. In addition, our staff members are passionate about serving residents in these areas. Leon County seniors are enveloped by caring professionals who hopefully, help them stay in the communities they love – with dignity, security, and purpose.

It is bittersweet to change directions at this point in my life. Communities were born, and friendships blossomed. Participants and staff became like family. I find comfort knowing there are people who will step in with new energy, creative ideas and an equal amount of passion. The Leon County Senior Outreach program will be left in good hands!

I am off to find new “flow” and the excitement is mounting. There are many things to explore. I can’t wait to immerse myself in passions where I lose all track of time. My wish is that you too, find your flow. Don’t know where to start? Try the myriad of activities at the Tallahassee Senior Center and its outreach sites. I may see you there!

Want to help me celebrate my new adventure? Please consider a donation to the Tallahassee Senior Foundation. Your contribution will go directly to enhance program activities that make a positive impact in the lives of those we serve. Tell them Susan Davis sent you. Thanks!