Vi Taylor is determined to shatter the stereotype of the nonagenarian who sits in a rocker all day. Instead, this dynamo is a selfless, active individual who is passionate about gardening, traveling, volunteering, and her exercise classes.

The Pennsylvania native moved to Tallahassee in 1963 to follow her husband Jim’s career in life insurance, and Vi has lived here ever since. During her working years she served in roles ranging from secretary to the Director of Libraries at the University of Florida during the late 1940s to dental office receptionist, and more recently she has volunteered at the Tallahassee Senior Center and Tallahassee Police Department.

A variety of hobbies keeps Vi active, and when she finds something she likes – she sticks with it. She has been part of the same LIFE exercise class for almost 25 years while attending the Tallahassee Senior Center. As one of the oldest active members in her exercise class, she is a role model to many younger participants.

Vi’s secret to active aging? “Keep exercising and eating right, and travel when you can,” she says. Vi has journeyed to the Mediterranean, Hawaii, and still travels. However, she enjoys the everyday pleasures just the same – playing dominoes with her friends every Tuesday, and reading, and cooking (especially soups).

Family-oriented, Vi has passed on her love of life to her two children, five grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren. She is naturally a caring individual. Never missing an opportunity to lend a helping hand, Vi makes hats at Trinity united Methodist Church for the underprivileged. Her days are filled with looking after her three-story house, tending to her colorful garden, maintaining her active social life, and spending time with her family.

Vi Taylor’s longevity may be attributable to her exercise class and healthy eating, but she gains real fulfillment from her altruism, wisdom, and commitment to her community. “Look after yourself and others,” she says, “adopt hobbies that you enjoy, and, most of all, never forget to make time for family and friends.”