Senior Artist Showcase

An exhibit of artworks by Senior Artists in the Big Bend Area.

To purchase a piece, please contact and she will put you in touch with the artist directly.

To register for art classes, please visit:

Join us for the Art Reception on Friday, October 20, from 6 – 7:30pm
In addition to the awards ceremony, there will be live music by the talented local band Hot Tamale, Plus, a fun game inspired by the artwork for the family and refreshments. We hope to see you there!


(voting closes October 19th)

Click on the images below to view a larger version of each piece. Enjoy!
  1. Joel Thornton, Mason Sliding Into 2nd, Oil, NFS
  1. Teresea Brown, Snack Time, Acrylic, $300
  1. Amy Cober, Ave del Paradaiso, Acrylic, NFS
  1. Rita Barker, The Three of Us, Mixed Media painting, $375

5. Thomas Friedman, Heat, Pastel, $450

6. Rosemarie Thomas, Stilllife, Acrylic, NFS

7. Audrey Thomson, Cherries, Acrylic, NFS

8. Jackie Lloyd, Egret at the Lightner Museum, Acrylic, $375

9. Mary Irvine, Autumn in Tallahassee, Pastel, NFS

10. Merline Castor, Barn in the Snow, Oil on Canvas, $175

11. Leslie Cohen, Sheep in a Meadow, Fiber, $75

12. Mary Liz Tippin-Moody, The First Hard Freeze, Watercolor, $425

13. Jennifer Clinard, Florida Palm Dance, Oil on Panel, $399

14. Teresa Miller, Cascade’s Splendor, Oil, NFS

15. Charles Hazelip, Oriole, Oil on Canvas, NFS

16. Alice Stadin, Bald River Falls, Acrylic, NFS

17. Mary Schultz, Sunflower, Fabric, NFS

18. Duke Kraai, A Day on the River, Oil, NFS

19. Ruth Nickens, Pembe’s Bikini, Stained Glass, NFS

20. Mary Liz Tippin-Moody, Relaxation Skills, Watercolor, $450

21. Rosemary Ferguson, Aqua Velva Palm, Watercolor,  $1,000

22. Barbara Stults, Wood Duck: A Rare and Subtle Beauty, Acrylic, $175

23. Judy Fongheiser, River Run, Acrylic, $150

24. Judith Ehrhardt, Fantasy Waterfall, Watercolor, NFS

25. Joan Kanan, Dominica, Oil, NFS

26. Dorothy Shearn, The Bottles, Watercolor, NFS

27. Leslie Anderson, Affair on Paper, Mixed Media, NFS

28. Lana Dixon, Wild Bill Pickup, Watercolor, NFS

29. Elvi Nichols, Country Boy, Oil, NFS

30. Brenda Francis, In The Sticks, Oil, $1,900

31. Elvi Nichols, Self-portrait, Oil, NFS

32. Thomas Mitas, Beautiful Young Girl, Oil on Canvas, NFS

33. Leslie Anderson, Somewhere in Guate, Acrylic on Canvas, $675

34. Lana Dixon, Petals Aplenty, Watercolor, NFS

35. Bob Huskey, Near the Mountains of Mordor, Watercolor, $400

36. Rosemary Ferguson, Water Garden, Watercolor, $1,000

37. Joel Thornton, Ava Just Off Cruise, Oil, NFS

38. Marjorie Portnoi, Nurtured, Pen and Ink, $225

39. Mary Sterner Lawson, Lichens on a Slingshot, Ink and Watercolor, $250

40. Ramona Abernathy-Paine, Beach Combin’, Hand Woven Doubleweave Linen and Shells, NFS

41. Marie Cowart, Hiding in Plain Sight, Mixed Media – crayon and Tempera, NFS

42. Joyce Raichelson, High Five!, Watercolor, NFS

43. Valerie Goodwin, Map Abstractions, Fiber Art, $5,500

44. Valerie Goodwin, Meanderings of an Imaginary River, Fiber Art, $6,000

45. Debby Rios, Earth Basket, Clay, Basket Reed, Beads, NFS

46. Perdita Ross, Geno, Mixed Media painting, $52

47. Pat Logan, Nature Scallops, Clay, NFS

48. Robin Perkins, Geode Revealed, Hand Built Clay, NFS

49. Susan Campbell, Oswald, Paper Mache and Found Objects, ask Art Dept