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The Tallahassee Senior Center for the Arts offers a supportive environment for beginning and advanced artists to receive guidance from experienced instructors and opportunities to display their artwork.

The goal of the art program at the Senior Center is to make a difference in people’s lives – to learn something new, gain skills, engage in creative thing, and enjoy sharing the experience with others. In addition to the artwork, art participants make friends. As important as the time spent painting, is the time in between while waiting for the layers of paint to dry – the camaraderie, peer learning, and exchange of ideas with fellow participants in class. 

Art Classes and Workshops

Instructors work with individuals of varied skill levels while students assist and critique one another in a collaborative environment. Anyone 18 or older is welcome to participate in Tallahassee Senior Center art classes. Priority is given to students age 50+ when there are space limitations.

Art Galleries

The center hosts changing exhibitions of artwork with public receptions for family and friends to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of the artists. Galleries showcase recent art by Tallahassee Senior Center for the Arts participants and instructors.