Art Potpourri

An exhibit of artworks by TSC for the Arts participants.

To purchase a piece, please contact and she will put you in touch with the artist directly.

For more information about the TSC Arts Program, please email To register for art classes, please visit:

Click on the images below to view a larger version of each piece. Enjoy!

Congrats Art Potpourri People’s Choice Winners!

Favorite Ceramics/Clay/Wood: Organic Pot #1 by Sonia McDowell
Favorite Pastels/Mixed Media/Charcoal:  Mattie at the Beach by Helen Anderfuren
Favorite Use of Color (Ceramics/Clay/Wood):  Passionflowers by Debby Rios
Favorite Use of Color (paintings/mixed media artwork):  Canyon Blues by Wendy Devarieux
Favorite Landscape:  A Favorite Place by Wendy Devarieux
Overall Favorite:  Mattie at the Beach by Helen Anderfuren


1. Wendy Devarieux, A Favorite Place, Soft Pastel, $450

2. Elizabeth Borger, Untitled, Soft Pastel, NFS

3. Mike Renard, The Shed, Pastels, NFS

4. Elizabeth Borger, St. Marks – Pinkwater, Pastels, $300

5. Helen Anderfuren, Mattie at the Beach, Pastels, NFS

6. Wendy Devarieux, Canyon Blues, Pastels, $450

7. Mary Irvine, Sunset in St. Thomas, Pastels, NFS

8. Tom Friedman, The River Lethe (Oblivion), Oil Pastels & Watercolor, $450

9. Tom Friedman, Breakfast at Night in the Dinner , Oil Paste & Collage, $500

10. TSC Zentangle Friends, Individual Paths…,Ink, Graphite & Pastel, NFS

11. Virginia Bell, Untitled, Ink, Graphite & Pastel, NFS

12. Mary Liz Tippin-Moody, Bump Is So Stressed, Watercolor, acrylic, inks, $350

13. Dorothy Shearn , Renee, Charcoal, NFS

14. Gail Bauman, The Green River, Alcohol Ink, NFS

15. Gail Bauman, A Walk in the Woods, Watercolor & Tissue Paper, NFS

16. Mary Liz Tippin-Moody, Diary of a Mermaid in the Gyre, Mixed Media, NFS

17. Sally Crayton, STOP, Mixed Media, NFS

18. Angela Whiddon, Music , Acrylic & Paper Collage, NFS

19. Adrienne Amiss, Kiss A Frog, Mixed Media, NFS

20. Tom Mitas, Beauty of Dogwoods in Spring, Acrylic & Goldleaf, NFS

21. Vivian Parmenter, The Wizard, Ceramics, NFS

22. Mary Sargent, The Witch, Slip Casting, NFS

23. Mark Fletcher, Frog, Clay, NFS

24. Pat Logan, Garden Dreams, Clay, NFS

25. Sonia McDowell, Organic Pot #1, Clay, $50

26. Debby Rios, Passionflowers, Clay, $50

27. Vivian Parmenter, Wooden Rose, Clay, NFS

28. Sally Crayton, Untitled, Clay, $50

29. Tom Mitas, Untitled, Wood Carving, $150

30. Debby Rios, Lovebirds, Clay, $50

31. Pat Logan, Untitled, Clay, NFS

32. Vivian Parmenter, Untitled, Clay, NFS

33. Sally Crayton, Tall Vase, Clay, $100

Ground Floor Display
  1. Vivian Parmenter, Babylon, Ceramics, NFS
  1. Vivian Parmenter, Skull Island, Slip Casting, NFS
  1. Vivian Parmenter, Moving Earth, Clay, NFS
  1. Mary Sargent, Gnome Lady, Clay, NFS
  1. Mary Liz Tippin-Moody, Untitled, Clay, NFS
  1. Hannah Reyes, Owl, Ceramics, NFS
  1. Mary Sargent, Charcuterie Board, Clay, NFS
  1. Marilyn Kane, Untitled, Ceramics, NFS
  1. Steven Blumsack, Butterfly, Ceramics, NFS
  1. Marilyn Kane, The Clock, Ceramics, NFS

11. Virginia Bell, “Flower”” Pot”, Clay, NFS

  1. Virginia Bell, Mushroom Jar, Clay, NFS
  1. Marcia Robinson, Peacock, Ceramics, NFS
  1. Vivian Parmenter, Tweety Bird, Clay, NFS
  1. Marcia Robinson, Untitled, Ceramics, NFS
  1. Mary Sargent, The Gnome, Clay, NFS