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Despite our temporarily closed doors, we are working hard to develop and share opportunities to keep our age 50+ participants active, optimally aging and socially fit. Now more than ever, your support is very important to make this possible, and we encourage your donations for virtual and on demand classes. To donate, please click the donate button above, or checks can be mailed to: TSC Foundation, 1400 N. Monroe St. Tallahassee, FL, 32303.

Modeling Historic Headstones with Photographs

Originally presented May 6, 2020: We often think of headstones as something that will last forever, but even these stones will decay with time. Tristan Harrenstein from Florida Public Archaeology Network will present on the best method we currently have of preserving historic grave markers beyond their time with software that turns mere photographs into full 3D models! This workshop will introduce you to the technique, take photos, and create your very own 3D model. To take full advantage of this workshop, participants will need: a digital camera (smartphone cameras are fine!) and a way of transferring photos to a computer; a computer that runs the Windows operating system; and a computer with an internet connection that they can download the free software. CLICK HERE TO WATCH CLASS.

Historic Cemeteries as Cultural Resources

Originally presented on May 5, 2020: Barbara Clark from Florida Public Archaeology Network presents on how historic cemeteries can be used in research and what information they can provide. She also touches on the basics of how to properly clean and maintain historic cemeteries and the meanings of common symbols you may find in cemeteries. CLICK HERE TO WATCH CLASS.

Climate Change and Cultural Resources

Originally presented on April 28, 2020: Florida is particularly susceptible to the impacts of climate change. Something many people have not considered is how it will impact our historic and archaeological sites, many of which provide tourism revenue to our state. This presentation by Barbara Clark from Florida Public Archaeology Network is designed to provide a brief understanding of climate change and discuss its impacts on some of Florida’s more sensitive sites. CLICK HERE TO WATCH CLASS.

Geology of the National Parks

Recordings from the Thursday “Live” class via Zoom, (ongoing through May 28, 10 – 11:30 a.m.). Our U.S. National Parks preserve spectacular icons of Earth’s geologic heritage. They contain some of the world’s finest examples of geologic phenomena including mountains, canyons, glaciers, volcanoes, coastlines, caverns, dunes and more. TSC Lifelong Learning Coordinator and geologist Maureen Haberfeld will share some basic geology lessons and lead participants on virtual exploration of the geologic wonders in our beautiful parks. To participate, register by 9 a.m., Wednesday mornings.

Note: To access recordings of these classes, click on the class name below and then enter the password. Class generally begins about 10 minutes into the recording.

April 16, 2020: Click here to watch: Volcanoes and Volcanic Parks Introduction  Password: I1*1.#*#

April 23, 2020: Click here to watch: Intro to Parks from Surface Water Password: 9A$$06Fg

April 20, 2020: Click here to watch: National Parks from Surface Water, Weathering, and Erosion Password: 3N=97j24