TSC Arts: BIRDS Showcase

This showcase is in collaboration with L3X. The auditorium exhibit is artwork by TSC for the Arts participants who have created art that fits with the BIRDS theme in the auditorium. In the dining area we have an exhibition of BIRD photography from Big Bend Area photographers. Both exhibit areas will contain interactive educational information for the viewer as well as a L3X talk on Backyard Birdsongs from Wild Birds Unlimited and art reception on Thursday September 14th from 5 – 6:30pm, with a $5 suggested donation.

To purchase a piece, please contact heathhilary.mcrae@talgov.com and she will put you in touch with the artist directly.

For more information about the TSC Arts Program, please email heathhilary.mcrae@talgov.com. To register for art classes, please visit: https://www.tallahasseeseniorfoundation.org/art-classes/.

Click on the images below to view a larger version of each piece. Enjoy!

  1. Lisa Waxman, Woodpecker, Watercolor, $150

Woodpecker Call
Woodpecker Facts

2. Laura G Harrod, Thursh on Viburnum, Acrylic, NFS

Varied Thrush Songs
Varied Thrush Facts

  1. Laura Patrick, Gull’s in Flight, Acrylic, $850

Seagull (Herring Gull) Call
Seagull (Herring Gull) Facts

  1. Joyce Racheilson, Bluebird, Watercolor, $350

Bluebird Song
Bluebird Facts

  1. Joyce Racheilson, Flicker Liftoff, Watercolor, $350

Northern Flicker Song
Northern Flicker Facts

  1. Rachael Webb, Peristeria (Doves), Mosaic, NFS

Common Ground Dove Song
Common Ground Dove Facts

7. Perdita Ross, Birds and Bees, Flourescent Paper Collage, $62

  1. Amy Atchison, Hunger to Live, Acrylic, NFS

9. Tom Friedman, Birds in the City, Chalk Pastel, $400

10. Rita Barker, Don’t Mind the Redbird, Acrylic, $175, SOLD

  1. Rachael Webb, Scarlet Ibis, Pastel, NFS

Scarlet Ibis Facts

  1. Alice Stadin, I’m Watching You, Acrylic, $285

North Saw-whet Owl Song
North Saw-whet Owl Facts

  1. Charles Hazelip, Backyard Visitor, Oil, NFS
  1. Joyce Bastian, Owl, Colored Pencil, NFS

Eastern Screech Owl Song
Eastern Screech Owl Facts

15. Alice Stadin, Busy Osprey, Acrylic, $225

Osprey Call

  1. Patty Vickers, Golden Eagle, Oil on Birchwood, $85

Golden Eagle Call
Golden Eagle Facts

  1. Michael Burchfield, A Kiss, Oil

Swallow-tailed Kites Call
Swallow-tailed Kites Facts

  1. Tom Mitas, Guardian at St. Marks, Oil, $300

Osprey Facts

  1. Amy Atchison, Defender, Acrylic, NFS
  1. Terry Hawkins, Old English Bantam, Oil, $350
  1. Judy Fongheiser, Look At Me, Acrylic, $125

Chicken Facts

22. Patti Wallace, Morning Roost, Acrylic, NFS

  1. Tom Friedman, Sunday’s Bird, Chalk Pastel, $400
  1. Sybil Palmer, King of the Coop, Acrylic, NFS
  1. Pam Springer, Hen Party, Oil, $50

Guineafowl Facts

  1. George Palmer, Eyes of Wild, Acrylic, NFS

Wild Turkey Song and Calls
Wild Turkey Facts

  1. Amy Cober, Papa’s Hen, Acrylic, $250
  1. Joel Thornton, Chickens, Oil, $750
  1. Debbie Gaedtke, Moonlight Song, Oil, $50
  1. Andee Sprick, Comforting Visitors (Paired for Life), Acrylic, NFS

Northern Cardinal Song

  1. Charles Hazelip, Oriole, Oil, NFS

Spot-breasted Oriole Song
Spot-breasted Oriole Facts

  1. Dottie Alfred, Happy Hummingbird, Acrylic, $35

Broad-tailed Hummingbird Call
Broad-tailed Hummingbird Facts

  1. Joan Keen, In Memory of My Parents, Acrylic, NFS

Northern Cardinal Facts

  1. Angela Whidden, Bluebird, Acrylic, $160
  1. Joyce Bastian, Black-Capped Flycatcher, Watercolor, NFS

Black-capped Flycatcher Song
Black-capped Flycatcher Facts

  1. Chip Townsend, Santa Cruz PM, Watercolor, $80
  1. Dottie Alfred, Momma Bird Feeding Babies, Acrylic, $35
  1. Karen Stewart, Chickadee, Oil, $175

Chickadee Song
Chickadee Facts

39. Joan Keen, Anticipation, Acrylic, $200

Cedar Waxwing Call
Cedar Waxwing Facts

  1. Tom Mitas, Ducks Rising, Oil, $500

Wigeon Call
Wigeon Facts

  1. Teresea Brown, Chinese Mandarin Duck, Acrylic, NFS

Chinese Mandarin Duck Call
Chinese Mandarin Duck Facts

42. Jackie Lloyd, Egret at the Lightner Museum, Acrylic, $375

White Egret Calls

  1. Patty Vickers, Three is Plenty, Oil, $150

White Egret Facts

  1. Brenda Francis, Coastal Cousins, Oil, $1,900

Roseate Spoonbill Call

  1. Sybil Palmer, Saint Marks Fishing, Acrylic, NFS
  1. Alice Stadin, Looking for a Snack, Acrylic, $175

White Ibis Facts

47. Judy MacDonald, Florida White Ibis, Acrylic, $150

White Ibis Facts

48. Terry Hawkins, Reflecting, Oil, $650

  1. Lynn Heacock, White Pelican, Watercolor, NFS

Pelican Calls

50. Cathy Neel, Fisherman, Watercolor, $100

Pelican Facts

  1. Brenda Francis, Iridescence of the Glossy Ibis, Oil, $700

Glossy Ibis Calls
Glossy Ibis Facts

52. Rosemarie Thomas, Swan, Watercolor, NFS

Mute Swan Call
Mute Swan Facts

  1. Audrey Thomspon, Quietly Does It!, Acrylic, NFS

Ringed-necked Pheasant Calls

  1. Rosemarie Thomas, Pheasant, Watercolor, NFS

Ringed-necked Pheasant Facts

  1. Joan Kanan, Egret In Flight, Oil, $350

Great White Egret Facts

58. Amy Cober, Yellow Crowned Night Heron, Acrylic, $200

Yellow Crowned Night Heron Calls
Yellow Crowned Night Heron Facts

  1. Mary Lou Merritt, Blue Footed Booby, Acrylic, NFS

Blue Footed Booby Facts

  1. Angela Whidden, Coming Home, Acrylic, NFS

Seagull (Herring Gull) Facts

  1. Betty Kummer, Carabelle River, Pastel, NFS

Pelican Facts

62. Becky Patterson, Blue Bayou, Oil, $200

  1. Brenda Francis, Shades of Pink, Oil, $700

Roseate Spoonbills Facts

  1. Lynn Heacock, Spoonbill in the Middle, Watercolor, NFS

Roseate Spoonbill Facts

  1. Rosemarie Thomas, Great White Heron, Acrylic, $95

66. Sybil Palmer, Just Chilling, Acrylic, NFS

  1. Joan Kanan, Spoonbills, Oil, $175
  1. Sybil Palmer, Jungle Breeze, Acrylic, NFS

Blue-throated Macaw Facts

  1. Beverly Harding, Love the Birds, Oil, $1,500

Monk Parakeet Facts

  1. Edith Schneider, The Tiki Toucan, Acrylic, $80

Toucan Song
Toucan Facts

  1. Jackie Lloyd, Fred, My Flamingo Friend, Acrylic, $200

Flamingo Facts

72. Jeff Bastian, Rock Eagle Bird Mound, Clay, NFS

  1. Judith Boettcher, What is That?, Watercolor, $22
Photography Showcase
  1. Elizabeth George , The Patriot, Photography, $185
  1. Brenda Francis, Feeding Time, Photography, $50
  1. Brenda Francis, Does This Dress Make My Butt Look Big, Photography, $65
  1. Sherry Glass, Parenting Great Horned Owl, Photography, $130
  1. Allen Thompson, Tri Colored Heron, Photography, $180

6. Allen Thompson, Great Blue Heron, Photography, $180

  1. Nicole Myhre, Heron at Dawn, Photography, NFS

8. Elizabeth George, Blissful Morning, Photography, $375

  1. Bob Smith, Pelican 1, Cedar Key, Photography, NFS
  1. Bob Smith, Pelican 2, Cedar Key, Photography, NFS
  1. Patrick McBride, Shenandoah Visitor, Photography, NFS
  1. Bill Horn, Lunchtime, Photography, $160
  1. Bob Parmenter, Reflections of a White Bird, Photography, $50
  1. Brenda Francis, Tri Color Heron, Photography, $65
  1. Ross Obley, Osprey at Lake Talquin, Photography, $200
  1. Bill Horn, Take Off, Photography, $170
  1. Tom DeLopez, Golden Slippers, Photography, $160
  1. Tom DeLopez, A Charm of Hummingbirds, Photography, $195

19. Elizabeth George, Pink Ladies, Photography, $250

20. Judy Fongheiser, I’m So Beautiful, Photography, $60

  1. Judy Fongheiser, I’m Watching You, Photography, $60