Virginia Glass, 83

Virginia Glass was born with a strong work ethic. As one of six siblings on her parents’ farm in Mayo, Florida, she worked in the fields until she was stricken with rheumatic fever at the age of 12. Under doctor’s orders, Virginia and her mother switched roles. Her mother worked in the field and Virginia became the family cook preparing daily meals for eight. Cooking became a favorite passion of hers that remains today. On the day of her interview, Virginia had just baked two pecan pies and one blueberry cake for her church’s fundraiser. She says cooking is a way of expressing love.

As a young girl, Virginia thought she’d like to be a nurse. But the shots she needed to treat rheumatic fever changed her mind. She was not interested in administering injections! Virginia only knew that she wanted to move away from Mayo after graduation. She loved her hometown but longed for bigger experiences than a small town had to offer.

When asked how she became the Grande Dame of Real Estate, Virginia explains that she fell into it by accident. She filled in for a friend and stayed for 13 years as an administrative assistant in a commercial real estate firm. She was hesitant to get into sales but with the guidance of a trusted mentor, she gave it a try and the rest is history! She says her favorite part of being a realtor is “making dreams come true.” She has guided many first-time home buyers through the stressful and daunting process with her calm and encouraging demeanor. Virginia retired in 2017 but others still seek her expertise.

One of Virginia’s proudest achievements is the 100 Women Club that she started in November 2020. What started as a group of 65 women whose mission was to change lives by supporting local non-profits, it has grown to 250 members who’ve collectively raised over $350,000.

Virginia has raised lots of money for many organizations and countless worthy causes. In 2016, she decided to host a Fish Fry to raise money for Second Harvest Food Bank. Now in its sixth year, this event has raised $70,000 to feed kids through the Summer BreakSpot Program. Virginia loves finding creative ways to have fun and raise money.

In her “spare” time, Virginia enjoys fitness classes at the Tallahassee Senior Center and even encouraged Sheila to offer a class on stretching. She and her girlfriends started a Supper Club in 2005 that still meets regularly. She gets together with her siblings four times a year to celebrate birthdays. And each Labor Day, she and her two daughters, Dina and Michelle, and their husbands spend a long weekend at the beach enjoying time with her family, grandchildren and great grandchildren!

Nigel Allen, TMH’s Foundation President, whose known her for years says, “What you see is what you get with Virginia. And what I see is a woman of extraordinary character, energy, faith, and grit.”