“Although our building and community satellite locations are temporarily closed due to COVID-19, seniors need us now more than ever!”

Dear TSC Foundation Member,

Thanks to your generous donations and continued Membership, Tallahassee Senior Center programs are happening! As physical distancing has become the norm, I’m proud of our TSC Team for stepping up to the challenge of finding new ways to meet our mission of helping people be socially fit.

Even now, just as when we gather together, the TSC team, board members, and volunteers are connecting with and supporting our participants, members, and partners. Although our building and community satellite locations are temporarily closed due to COVID-19, seniors need us now more than ever! Let me share with you some ways your Membership dollars are keeping people in touch.

The “old fashioned” telephone call.  Before email, Facebook and Zoom, you may remember party lines as a means of keeping up on community happenings and talking to friends. Often, these long chats took place at the telephone table in a hallway or in the kitchen. Or maybe you recall, in the college dorm, waiting until evening to call home when the rates were lower.

Now cell phones and other technology allow us to connect in a variety of ways, and over the past four weeks, our TSC Team has called 1,600 participants and members. The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Our goal is that no one feels alone, even though they may be home alone.

Also, our Constant Contact email blasts (SIGN UP HERE) are sent to about 10,000 recipients twice a week, loaded with resources, activities, and ideas for staying engaged. Thanks to those who encouraged us with your complimentary feedback. We feel your love.

Every week, more online classes are being added, primarily via the Zoom platform. Our hope is that these Fitness, Art, Lifelong Learning and Wellness programs allow you to stay connected, and mentally and physically healthy until we can gather again.

As a City of Tallahassee service, our facility costs and some of our staff are covered, but our Programs are funded and dependent on your Membership donations. If you can, I hope you will continue to support these programs by renewing your Membership.

I am confident that TSC will only be stronger when we do see each other again, but we need your continued support to sustain programs until we meet face-to-face again. It’s exciting to implement this virtual senior center, while helping more seniors stay healthy and socially connected. Thanks to you, we will help seniors navigate through this time.

You can be part of helping others by joining or renewing your membership to the TSC Foundation or by making a donation here: https://www.tallahasseeseniorfoundation.org/make-one-time-gift/.

Checks can be mailed to: TSC Foundation, 1400 N. Monroe St. Tallahassee, FL, 32303.

Thank you so much! Please continue to stay safe – and stay home for now. We’ll be back soon.

Working for you,

Sheila & Your TSC Team

The mission of Tallahassee Senior Services is to offer programs, activities, and opportunities designed to encourage active living, optimal aging, and social fitness for independent adults age 50+.