Art Potpourri

An exhibit of drawings, sculptures, fiber art, pastels, colored pencils and mixed media artworks by TSC for the Arts participants.

To purchase a piece, please contact the artist via the included email.

For more information about the TSC Arts Program, please email To register for virtual art classes, please visit:

Click on the images below to view a larger version of each piece. Enjoy!

Deborah Kahel, Mixed Media, NFS
Jennifer Clinard, Bird Sculpture, NFS
Jennifer Clinard, Recent Drawing, NFS
Leslie Cohen, Vine Basket, NFS
Mari-Jo Lewis Wilkinson, Girl, Interrupted, Clay, NFS
Mary Liz Tippin Moody, Carolina Wren, Hand Built Sgraffito Dish
Mary Liz Tippin Moody, Sheltering in Place, Colored Pencil, NFS
Pat Owens, African Violet Teapot Planter, Clay, NFS
Robert D Smith, Joel, NFS
Robert D. Smith, Ulysses,pencil drawing, NFS
Robin Gray, Bloomin Healthy, Colored Pencil, $75
Robin Gray, Little Wren, Colored Pencil, NFS
Steve Blumsack, A Line Drawing, Digital Art, NFS
Tom Friedman, Bolivian Street, Charcoal Drawing, $150,
Vivian Parmenter, Overlapping Imprints, Clay, NFS
Vivian Parmenter, Two Feathers, Clay, NFS
Amy Cober, Cape San Blas Pastel, $100,
Amy Cober, Decoy Ducks Pen and Ink, $50,
Cathy Neel, May 2020 Symbols of the Time Pastels, Make offer,
Charles Towndsend, Night Light, Mixed Media, NFS
Jennifer Haskins, Don’t Feed the Wolves, Fiber Art, NFS
Jennifer Haskins, Overwhelmed, Fiber Art, $550,
Joy K Brown, Raindrops on Ivory Petals, Digital Photography, NFS
Joy K Brown, Summertime Peach Zinnias, Digital Photography, NFS
Judith Boettcher, Galanthus, Pencil Drawing, NFS
Judith Boettcher, Mediterranean Village, Quilt, NFS
Judith Ehrhardt, Around and Around, Fiber, NFS
Judith Ehrhardt, Recycle, Reuse, Repurpose, Mixed Fiber, NFS
Judy Goldman, Mkuze, Pencil Drawing, NFS
Kathryn Gibson, Heron Totem, Clay, Cement, Paper Mache, NFS
Leslie Cohen, Banana Tree Basket, Fiber, NFS
Midori Okasako, Zentangle Labyrinth: A Pen Stroke at a Time, Ink, Graphite
Midori Okasako, Zentangle: Tangled in Blue, Ink, Graphite
Mikiko Tanaka, Weeping Cherry Blossoms, Ceramics, $120,
Mikiko Tanaka, Weeping Cherry Blossoms with a Bird, Sumi-e Painting, $120,
Sally Crayton, After Hurricane Michael, Clay Hand Built, NFS
Sally Crayton, We’re Watching You, Collage and Ink, NFS
Stephen Day, Colored Pencil, NFS
Stephen Day, Colored Pencil, NFS
Susan Trimble, NFS
Tom Friedman, Bottles, Pastels, $250,
Zentangle Class Ensemble Zentangle Mosaic: Tangles from the Past, Ink, Graphite
A Special Thank You to the TSC for the Arts Sponsors

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