By Land and By Sea

Landscape and Seascape artwork by TSC for the Arts participants and instructors in the auditorium. Photography by TSC participants and the Big Bend 50+ community in the Dining Gallery.

To purchase a piece, please contact and she will put you in touch with the artist directly.

For more information about the TSC Arts Program, please email To register for art classes, please visit:

Click on the images below to view a larger version of each piece. Enjoy!

LLL TALK and Arts Reception: Thursday June 13 5:30 – 7pm

LLL Talk will be with Gulf Specimen Marine Lab

  1. Debra Lachter, Stan Millier’s Boats, Watercolor, $400

2. Joan Keen, Uber Driver, Oil, NFS

3. Suzanne Dyer, Silence Is Silver, Acrylic, NFS

4. Chip Townsend, Mei-Ling, Watercolor, Pen and Ink, $150

5. Alice Stadin, Wakulla River Ride, Acrylic, $225

6. Patty Vickers, St. Marks Lighthouse, Oil, $300

7. Terry Hawkins, St. Marks Fire Tower, Oil, $300

8. Jackie Lloyd, Tall Timbers, Acrylic, $425

9. Je’ Czaja, Salt Marsh, Oil and Acrylic on Canvas, $350

10. Terry Hawkins, A Moment In Silence, Oil, $400

11. Judy Fongheiser, Sunny Brook, Acrylic, $150

12. Patty Vickers, Paynes Prairie, Oil, $175

13. Tom Mitas, Lone Walk Vermont, Oil, $337

14. Lori Martin, Close Enough!, Acrylic, $525

15. Mary Lou Merritt Smith, Sarongs for Sale in Barbados, Acrylic, $350

16. Sharon Stephens, Grayton Beach, Pastel, $100

17. Carly Brady, Untitled, Mixed Media, Acrylic and Paper, $75

18. Angela Whidden, Sandy Beach, Acrylic, NFS

19. Kathryn “Kappy” Olmstead, Colorado Mountains, Acrylic, NFS

20. Lynn Kidder, Untitled, Acrylic, $30

21. Lori Martin, Its Green Heron Day, Acrylic, $375

22. Sharon Stephens, Solitude, Pastel, $100

23. Brenda Francis, Sunset Friends, Oil, $450

24. Allison Edwards, Dreamscape, Metallic Watercolor, $70

25. Suzette Williams, Dry Tortugas, Acrylic, NFS

26. Judy Fongheiser, Sea Thru Oats, Acrylic, $150

27. Andee Sprick, Amazing Grace, Acrylic, $150

28. Debbie Gaedtke, Radiance, Oil, $250

29. Brenda Francis, And Baby Makes Three, Oil, $350

30. Alice Stadin, Blueridge Parkway, Acrylic, $150

31. MaryLu Sturm, Backwoods at Dawn, Acrylic, NFS

32. Alice Stadin, Mexico Beach Reborn, Pastel, $275

33. Lynn Kidder, Fire on the Mountain, Acrylic, $50

34. Kathy Seitz, Purple Pasture, Acrylic, NFS

35. Tom Friedman, Liberty Seen from the Rising Sea (Syle of Hokusai), Pastel, $550

36. Tom Thomas, Eva’s Mountain, Watercolor, NFS

37. Tom Thomas, Luck Day, Watercolor, NFS

38. Amy Cober, Sunset on the Cypress, Acrylic, $225

39. Adrienne Amiss, Total Peace, Acrylic, $100

40. Elizabeth Schilson, Stormy, Acrylic, NFS

41. Suzette Williams, Damascus, Acrylic, NFS

42. Angela Whidden, Sunrise/Sunset, Acrylic, NFS

43. Amy Cober, Magical Marshland, Acrylic, $250

44. Tom Mitas, Red Rock Canyon, New Mexico, Oil, $247

45. Suzanne Dyer, Red Flag Warning, Acrylic, NFS

46. Robert DeWitt Smith, Grass Flats at St. Marks Wildlife Refuge , Oil on Canvas, NFS

47. Tom Friedman, Chillean Foothills, Watercolor, $450

48. Robert DeWitt Smith, Brandi B at Apalachicola, Oil on Canvas, NFS

49. Leslie Cohen, Shorelines, Fiber, NFS

50. Aubrey Thomson, A Hind’s Daughter (Sir James Guthrie Painting Study), Acrylic, NFS

51. Teresea Brown, Ocean Sunrise, Acrylic and Pen, $100

  1. Peggy Taylor Kelly, A Fort Pickens Sunset, Photo, $155
  1. Elizabeth George, Trail Blazers, Photo, $250
  1. Lisa Baggett, St. Marks Lighthouse, Photo, NFS
  1. Peggy Taylor Kelly, Feathered Friends, Photo, $125
  1. Dewey Riou, East Side Oasis, Photo, $60
  1. Patti Wallace, Muir Woods Residents, Photo, $150
  1. Cathy Ray, I’ve Got The Smokey Mountain Blues, Photo, NFS
  1. Patti Wallace, Sunny Day at Point Lobos, Photo, $150
  1. Maria Renzulli, Gift of Nature Series, Photo, $200
  1. Lee McHugh, Sunrise Over Stormy Bayou, Photo, FS

11. Maureen Haberfeld, Heart of Antelope Canyon, Photo, NFS

  1. Cathy Ray, Morning Glory, Photo, NFS
  1. Bob Parmenter, Sunset, Photo, NFS
  1. Judy Fongheiser, Miami Sunrise, Photo, $75
  1. Maureen Haberfeld, Monument Valley, Photo, NFS
  1. Lucy Grzywacz, Built to Serve, Photo, NFS

17. Elizabeth George, Golden Hour, Photo, $125

18. Tom Shipman, Dekle Beach, Photo, NFS

19. Tom Shipman, Beach House View, Photo, NFS

20. Judy Fongheiser, Pennsylvania Thaw, Photo, $100

21. Charlie Francis, Awaiting the Next Time, Photo, $120

22. Lucy Grzywacz, Heavenly View from Devil’s Bridge, Photo, NFS

23. Lucy Grzywacz, Reflections, Photo, NFS

24. Elizabeth George, They Call Me Mellow Yellow, Photo, $250

25. Judy Fongheiser, Mountain Waterfall, Photo, $125

26. Dewey Riou, BH Landing, Photo, $75

27. Maria Renzulli, Fun Time, Photo, $200

29. Ruth Nickens, Downward Dog, Photo, $300