TSC Arts: Framed

TSC Arts: FRAMED is an exhibition of two dimensional artworks by TSC for the Arts participants.

To purchase a piece, please contact heathhilary.mcrae@talgov.com and she will put you in touch with the artist directly.

For more information about the TSC Arts Program, please email heathhilary.mcrae@talgov.com. To register for art classes, please visit: https://www.tallahasseeseniorfoundation.org/art-classes/.

Click on the images below to view a larger version of each piece. Enjoy!

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  1. Audrey Thomson, Last Day of School, Acrylic, NFS

2. Audrey Thomson, Portrait of Husband, Acrylic, NFS

3. Audrey Thomson, Dreamer, Acrylic, NFS

4. Chip Townsend, Lulu, Watercolor, Pen and Ink, NFS

5. Nancy Imperiale, Buffy, Acrylic, NFS

6. Alice Stadin, Self-portrait in Style of Mary Cassatt, Oil, NFS

7. Tom Friedman, Brooklyn Bridge, Chalk Pastels, $450

8. Joyce Raichelson, Mystic Morn, Watercolor, $250

9. Lynn Heacock, Anhinga, Watercolor, NFS

10. Joyce Raichelson, Bluebird, Watercolor, $350

11. Elizabeth Borger, St. Marks In Pink, Pastels, $150

12. Elizabeth (Betty) Kummer, The Creek, Pastels, NFS

13. Gita Soltani, Water Lily, Watercolor, $50

14. Sandy DeLopez, The Violinist, Oil, NFS

15. Brenda Francis, Love is a Many Splendored Thing, Oil, $1,500

16. Judith Boettcher, Before the Storm, Watercolor, $180

17. Cathy Neel, Saint Marks Light, Watercolor, $75

18. Mary Schultz, Pansies, Mixed Media Fabric Art, NFS

19. Terry Hawkins, Rustic Barn in the Woods, Oil, $600

20. Pam Springer, Our Buddy: Loyal, Loving, Honest, Watercolor, NFS

21. Karen Stewart, Stirred Not Shaken, Oil, $1,500

22. Judy Fongheiser, Watching for Action, Acrylic, NFS

23. Nancy Maudlin, Magical Forest , Pastels, $300

24. Joyce Bastian, Springtime on the Creek, Watercolor, NFS

25. Judy Fongheiser, Secret Garden, Acrylic, $150

26. Pat Press, English Garden, Acrylic, NFS

27. Joan Keen, A Great View, Oil , NFS,

28. Nancy Maudlin, Water Lilies, Oil, $500

29. Mary Schultz, Apalachicola Boat Mooring, Pastels, NFS

30. Felita McNeill, Rural Living, Oil, $700

31. Alice Stadin, Idle in Eastpoint, Acrylic, $200

32. Carol Franchi, Fishing by the Bridge, Oil, NFS

33. Michael Burchfield, First Light St Marks Florida, Oil

34. Tom Mitas, Percherons Logging, Oil on Canvas, $650

35. Jackie Lloyd, Old Roman Bridge, Astoria, Spain, Acrylic, NFS

36. Mary Berman, Olustee 1864, Oil, NFS

37. Michael Burchfield, Vixen and Kits Snuggled Down, Oil

38. Joan Keen, Anticipation, Oil, NFS

39. Lynn Heacock, Dirty Bird, Watercolor, NFS

40. Tom Mitas, Bison at Jackson Hole, Oil on Canvas, $650

41. Alice Stadin, Busy Osprey, Acrylic, $400

42. Tom Friedman, Papa Stour Sea Arch, Chalk Pastels, $600

43. Carol Franchi, Swans, Oil

44. Judy Fongheiser, Mystic Harbor, Acrylic, $150

45. Mary Schultz, Eastpoint Fishery, Mixed Media Fabric Art, NFS

46. Debbie Gaedtke, Flame, Oil, $900

47. Gita Soltani, Island Time, Watercolor, NFS

48. Amy Cober, Beach Bikes, Watercolor, NFS

49. Joyce Bastian, Havana Harbor, Watercolor, NFS

50. Mary Lou Merritt Smith, Delicate Flora, Acrylic, NFS

51. Tom Hart, Ethiopian Man, Watercolor, NFS

52. Tom Hart, Creation, Watercolor, NFS

53. Rita Barker, Matador, Mixed Media – Acrylic, Pastel, Pens, NFS

54. Sandy DeLopez, Shoes to Match, Oil, NFS

55. Karen Stewart, Charlie Brown’s Pumpkins, Oil, $850

56. Rita Barker, Hanging by a Thread, Watercolor and Acrylic, NFS

57. Les Lonsdale, Bonsai Tree In Setting Sun, Watercolor on Rice Paper, $45

58. Amy Cober, On Fire, Acrylic, $700

59. Sandra McRanie , Mama’s Waiting, Oil, NFS

60. Joel Thornton, Wild Scrub, Oil, NFS

61. Lynn Heacock, Birch Trees, Watercolor, NFS

62. Cathy Neel, On the Hunt, Watercolor, $200

63. Cathy Neel, Fragrant Water Lily, Watercolor, $100

64. Joyce Raichelson, Sunflowers for Loyalty, Watercolor on TerraSkin, $450

65. Terry Hawkins, Summer Sun, Oil, NFS

66. Joel Thornton, Boy Walking Through Field, Oil, NFS

67. Marie Fahrer, Becca’s Vases, Acrylic, $65

68. Brenda Francis, December Night In Thomasville, Oil, $600

69. Rita Barker, Lakette Life, Mixed Media – Acrylic, Collage, Fiber, NFS

70. Tom Friedman, Tempus Fugit, Oil Pastels, $350

71. Les Lonsdale, Mists on Holy Mountain, Watercolor on Rice Paper, $45

72. Joyce Bastian, Birdwatcher, Pencil, NFS

73. Pam Springer, Serenity at Tampa Zoo, Charcoal, NFS

74. Sandra McRanie , A Sea Fantasy , Oil, NFS

75. Judith Boettcher, King of the Rocks, Watercolor, $180

76. Marie Fahrer, Forest Path, Acrylic, $70

77. Terry Hawkins, Cades Cove Methodist Church, Oil, $600

78. Brenda Francis, Aspens In Spring, Acrylic, $750

79. Les Lonsdale, Crouching Tiger in Dawn Bamboo, Watercolor on Rice Paper, $45

80. Nancy Maudlin, Banana Tree, Watercolor, $300

81. Joel Thornton, The Marx Brothers, Oil, NFS

82. Joan Keen, So You Like Orchids Too?, Oil, NFS

83. Karen Stewart, 24 Karat Gold, Oil, $950

84. Mary Lou Merritt Smith, Tea For Me, Acrylic, NFS

85. Mary Berman, What a Day for a Daydream, Oil, NFS

86. Chip Townsend, Toad Hollow, Watercolor, Pen and Ink, $100

87. Nancy Imperiale, Sharing, Acrylic, NFS

88. Michael Burchfield, Billie, Oil

89. Amy Cober, Sun on the Dunes, Acrylic, $350

90. Tom Hart, Parisian Cafe, Watercolor, NFS

91. Tom Mitas, Cold Winter Day, Oil on Canvas, $650

92. Mary Lou Merritt Smith, Nights in White Satin, Acrylic, NFS

93. Jackie Lloyd, Moonrise, Acrylic, NFS

94. Elizabeth Borger, The Blue Rigi ‘Study’, Pastels, NFS

95. Gita Soltani, Storm, Watercolor, $50

96. Pat Press, Great Blue Heron, Acrylic, NFS

97. Pam Springer, Victorian Winter, Oil, NFS

98. Marie Fahrer, Winter Cabin, Acrylic, $65

99. Jackie Lloyd, Majestic Magenta, Acrylic, NFS