Insider’s Showcase

An exhibit of artworks by TSC for the Arts participants.

To purchase a piece, please contact and she will put you in touch with the artist directly.

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Click on the images below to view a larger version of each piece. Enjoy!

Congratulations People’s Choice Winners! Thank you to those who voted.

Favorite Use of Color: Karen Stewart, Blue Plate Special and Tom Mitas, Boys in Maine.

Favorite Landscape: Terry Hawkins, Goose Pasture

Most Creative: Leslie Cohen, Kicking the Fall Leaves.

Overall Favorite: Terry Hawkins, Goose Pasture. Tom Mitas, Ducks and Gator. Jackie Lloyd, Train to Rio.      

Judy L. Fongheiser, Splendor In The Grass, Acrylic, NFS

2nd Place – Academy

Duke Kraai, Marks National Refuge, Oil, $1700

Tom Mitas, Boys in Maine, Oil, $300

Bryl Clayton, Longfellow, Oil, $350

Terry Hawkins, Reflecting, Oil, $650

Akshar Patel, An Island in my Imagination, Oil, $150

Honorable Mention – Academy

Rita Barker, Mama said, “You made it come alive!, Acrylic, NFS

Jackie Lloyd, Train to Rio Chama, Acrylic, NFS

Tom Mitas, Ducks and Gator, Oil, $700

Terry Hawkins, Goose Pasture, Oil, $550

3rd Place – Masters

Brenda Francis, Out Meridian Road, Oil, $400

Joan Keen, Sunset Beach, Oil, NFS

Susan Robinson, Purple Gallinule, Watercolor, NFS

Joan Keen, A Rose For You, Oil, NFS

Lynn Heacock, Birds of Paradise, Watercolor, NFS

Leslie Cohen, Kicking the Fall Leaves, Fiber Art Quilt, NFS

Tom Friedman, Homage to S. Freud, Oil and Chalk Pastel, $350

Mariann Kearsley, Plague (Self) Portrait, Pen and Ink, $300

Joyce Bastian, Bali Hai, Watercolor and Ink, NFS

JoEtta Parks, Bilbo Baggins, Photographic Silkscreen, $400

3rd Place – Academy

Maria Balingit, The KFC (2021), Ink on Illustration Board, NFS

1st Place – Masters

Chip Townsend, Autumn Leaves, Watercolor, $100

1st Place – Academy

Tom Friedman, In the Dolomites, Watercolor, NFS

Honorable Mention – Academy

Cathy Neel, E’glise Sur La Colline (Church on the Hill), Watercolor, NFS

Brenda Francis, Lady, Oil, $300

Duke Kraai, Mullet Fishing, Oil $960

Elizabeth Hirst, Elephant, Acrylic, NFS

Karen Stewart, 24 Karats, Oil, $1000

Karen Stewart, Blue Plate Special, Oil, $2500

Mary Lou Merritt Smith, Untitled, Acrylic, $225

Debbie Gaedtke, Seven Sisters, Acrylic, $150

2nd Place – Masters

Angela C. Whidden, Black Magic Woman, Acrylic, NFS

David Lee, Beautiful at 14 (Lora Gay Lee 10/8/27-11/17/21), Acrylic, NFS

Debbie Gaedtke, Nouveau Repose, Oil $250