2023 Instructor Showcase

An exhibit of artworks by TSC Arts Instructor Debbie Gaedtke. Debbie teaches Oil and Acrylics at Tallahassee Senior Center. She teaches on Wednesdays Oil and Acrylics with Debbie (Beginners – Intermediates) 9:30am – 12:30pm and Oil and Acrylics with Debbie (Intermediates – Advanced) 1 – 4pm. She also teaches one day workshops for Drawing and Plein Air workshops in the Big Bend Area in the Fall and Spring.

Debbie Gaedtke, an award winning artist, paints her love of life. The sea, the sky and people moving through life are her inspirations. She taught ballet for many years and more feels movement than sees it when she paints. This motion and emotion are the identifying theme in her work. Her paintings are in galleries and museum across north Florida and south Georgia. She also has two pieces on permanent loan to and exhibited at Tallahassee Cancer Center and is an art instructor throughout the area.

To purchase a piece, please contact heathhilary.mcrae@talgov.com and she will put you in touch with the artist directly.

For more information about the TSC Arts Program, please email heathhilary.mcrae@talgov.com. To register for art classes, please visit: https://www.tallahasseeseniorfoundation.org/art-classes/.

Click on the images below to view a larger version of each piece. Enjoy!

  1. Debbie Gaedtke, The Market, Oil, $180
  1. Debbie Gaedtke, Behold, Oil, NFS
  1. Debbie Gaedtke, The Porch, Oil, $300
  1. Debbie Gaedtke, Heading In, Oil, $1,500
  1. Debbie Gaedtke, In the Beginning, Oil, $2,800
  1. Debbie Gaedtke, Hungry Dog, Oil, NFS, Will Loan to Veteran Associations and Military Admin Exhibits
  1. Debbie Gaedtke, Amber Wave, Oil, $1,800
  1. Debbie Gaedtke, The Fisherman, Oil, NFS
  1. Debbie Gaedtke, Breaking Through, Oil, $1,500
  1. Debbie Gaedtke, Flame, Oil, $900
  1. Debbie Gaedtke, Never Alone, Oil, NFS, Exhibit Only
  1. Debbie Gaedtke, Thunder Beach, Oil, $400
  1. Debbie Gaedtke, Deep Waters, Oil, $800
  1. Debbie Gaedtke, Silver Beach, Oil, $250
  1. Debbie Gaedtke, New Horizon, Oil, $1,500
  1. Debbie Gaedtke, Aloft, Oil, $400
  1. Debbie Gaedtke, Montserrat Beach, Oil, $250