Please join us in the Margaret Hamilton Fan Club – a long-time Tallahassee Senior Center friend, artist, poet, and active senior. In August, Margaret celebrates 95 years of living well, looking and feeling marvelous! However, being a social person, and making the Senior Center (over 28 years) a big part of her days, the pandemic has been hard on her. Margaret often says, “I miss my Senior Center!” Well, what she really misses is you – all her friends and classmates who make taking art, exercise, poetry, and lifelong learning fun and socially engaging.

Senior Center services are essential for Margaret and for many of you. On behalf of Margaret, we are asking you to help her celebrate this extraordinary milestone by raising $15,000 to assist in providing essential programs that nurture relationships between participants, instructors, and staff and all work elegantly to extend and enhance the quality of life for our community’s seniors, (which is even more necessary at this time of social distancing).

Celebrating Senior Center Programs

Why $15,000? While our doors are temporarily closed, our instructors and program coordinators are providing virtual programming (essential wellness, fitness, and lifelong learning classes), outreach, daily phone calls, resource development and sharing, and serving as a gateway for one-stop shopping of multiple services. When you donate, you are saying Happy Birthday, Margaret (and joining the Margaret Hamil-Fan Club) AND contributing to the essential services that are here for you, your mother, your father, your grandparent, your friend!

Here are just 15 reasons Margaret celebrates and appreciates the Senior Center. I’m sure you can relate to many of the ways Senior Center essential programs encourage active living, social fitness, and community engagement, while also helping to prevent isolation and loneliness. Margaret finds a sense of purpose at TSC in many different forms. Let’s look at her example:

1) Keeps it classy & creative with over 28 years of art classes, exhibitions, awards, and Advisory Council role!

2) Stays fit by sweating it out to Life Exercise!

3) Stays smart with LifeLong Learning and L3X classes!

4) Stays current with Zoom and Technology Classes!

5) Stays civically minded as a founding TALL senior leader graduate!

6) Serves as an Advisory Council member volunteering at TSC and in the community!

7) Holds the prestigious Silver Star Honor (2006) for her example of positive and active aging!

8) Gets her groove on by dancing with USA Ballroom Dance and Dancing for Fun!

9) Stays fluent with foreign language classes so she could travel the world!

10) Stays healthy and connects socially by attending Health & Wellness and special events!

11) Channels her inner poet in Poetry for the Love of It!

12) Expands her boundaries in Leon Country Senior Outreach activities!

13) Cultivates lifelong friendships with whom she shared her love for the Senior Center!

14) Met her bonus love, Roger, and married again when she was 78!

15) Provides great advice: “Enjoy life each day! Being nice to people has given her a long life.”