For more info on fitness, health & wellness at the Tallahassee Senior Center & Foundation, contact Ruth Nickens, RN, TSC Health & Wellness Coordinator at phone 850-891-4042.

Your support is very important to make this possible, and we encourage your donations for virtual and on demand classes.

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Below is a list of classes that you can enjoy at any time by clicking on the links provided.

Brain-Body-Balance with Merisha

Brain-Body-Balance is an active-aging, fall prevention program specifically created to be fun while reversing many types of aging. The curriculum fuses physical movement with brain-enhancing drills to improve balance, memory, brain health, reflexes, and daily life. Have a chair and water bottle on hand. Equipment will be items you have at home. Taught by Merisha Johnson Phillips, AFAA-CPT.

Rerun of Class 22 –

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Rerun of Class 25 –

Gentle Yoga with Ferdouse

This gentle yoga class by Ferdouse Sultana, E-RYT® 500, includes both standing and mat poses for balance (but a chair is an option). Benefits include improved range of motion, flexibility, balance, and strength. It also focuses on breathing exercises for stress reduction and relaxation, which we all need right now!

Rerun of Class 38 –

Rerun of Class 39 –

Rerun of Class 40 –

Rerun of Class 41 –

Mindful Movement with Lori Roberts

A gentle, yoga-based, fitness class that focuses on increasing energy, reducing falls, and maintaining flexibility. Taught by Lori Roberts, certified NIA yoga instructor.

Rerun of Class 27 –

Rerun of Class 28 –

Rerun of Class 29 –

Rerun of Class 30 –

Stretch & Flex with Robin

This class will help you stay strong, flexible, and mobile with gentle yoga-like movement. The safe stretching routines serve to maintain joint mobility and muscle flexibility. Some classes will be in a chair, others use a mat, but viewers can easily move between. Instructor, Robin Perry Davis, ACSM.

Rerun Class 4 –

Rerun Class 5 –

Rerun Class 6 –

Rerun Class 7 –

5-Minute Relaxation with Lori Roberts of Mindful Movement

Are you feeling a little tense? Do you need a moment to relax? Join Lori Roberts of Mindful Movement as she walks you through this gentle breathing and relaxation exercise.  Lori Roberts is a certified NIA yoga instructor and teaches Mindful Movement, a gentle, yoga-based, fitness class that focuses on increasing energy, reducing falls, and maintaining flexibility.


Adult Ballet

Let’s do Adult Ballet with instructor Brittany Badia. Before class, grab a chair or set yourself up to hold onto the dining room table or kitchen counter. At the link below, you will find a variety of dance class videos from her studio that you can dance along with! Brittany highly recommends any of the ballet classes (adult ballet, ballet12, ballet3, ballet4, jazz123, and contemporary123).


Seated Yoga with Bridget (One-time Class)

This is a good entry level class for everyone, especially people living with mobility challenges or chronic pain. Wear comfy clothes and have a water bottle on hand. Taught by Bridget Welch, LMT, this gentle seated yoga class is designed to reduce stress, improve circulation, promote healthy joints and muscle flexibility. It also helps boost the immune system while also expanding the lungs and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles to maintain urinary continence.