Personal Expressions in Watercolor

An exhibit of artworks by TSC for the Arts participants.

To purchase a piece, please contact and she will put you in touch with the artist directly.

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Click on the images below to view a larger version of each piece. Enjoy!

People’s Choice Winners are:

Favorite Landscape: BOAT WITH DINGHY by Duke Kraai
Favorite Flora/Fauna: WAITING FOR RAIN by Cathy Neel
Most Creative: TRIO by Tom Friedman
Favorite Use of Color: FLYING by Tom Friedman
Overall Favorite: PEACE by Cathy Neel

Thanks to everyone who voted!

1. Mary Transou, Aspen, watercolor, $250

2. Mary Transou, Daisy Galore, watercolor, $200

3. Mary Transou, Golden Trail, watercolor, $250

4. Gail Bauman, Out to Sea, watercolor & tissue paper, $95

5. Gail Bauman, Canyon’s Edge, watercolor & tissue paper, $125

6. Allison Edwards, Peachy Keen, watercolor, $70

What Inspired you?

7. Gita Soltani, Hummingbird, watercolor, NFS

8. Joyce Bastian, Serene, watercolor, NFS

9. Gita Soltani, Blues, watercolor, NFS

10. Tom Friedman, Schism, watercolor, $350

11. Tom Friedman, Crowd, watercolor & oil pastels, $350


What Inspired you?

12. Duke Kraai, Boat with Dinghy, watercolor, $650

13. Duke Kraai, High Rise, watercolor, $650


14. Cathy Neel, Waiting for Rain, watercolor, $100


What Inspired you?

15. Cathy Neel, Peace, watercolor, NFS

16. Mary Transou, Purple Bloom, watercolor, $150


17. Joyce Bastian, In the Pines, watercolor, NFS

18. Chip Townsend, Winter Chapel, watercolor & ink, NFS

19. Joyce Bastian, Peace like a River, watercolor, NFS

20. Lynn Heacock, Magical Castles, watercolor, NFS

21. Nikki Lore, Leaves of Autumn, watercolor, $75

22. Lynn Heacock, Tangles of Fall, watercolor, tissue paper & wc ground, NFS


23. Tom Friedman, Flying, watercolor, $350