2022 Instructors Showcase

An exhibit of artworks by TSC Arts Instructors.

To purchase a piece, please contact heathhilary.mcrae@talgov.com and she will put you in touch with the artist directly.

For more information about the TSC Arts Program, please email heathhilary.mcrae@talgov.com. To register for art classes, please visit: https://www.tallahasseeseniorfoundation.org/art-classes/.

Click on the images below to view a larger version of each piece. Enjoy!

1. Leslie Cohen, Cottage in the Woods, Fiber and Cardboard Tapestry, $100

2. Leslie Cohen, St. Marks Beach and Lighthouse, Fiber and Cardboard Tapestry, NFS

3. Maria Balingit, Kitty with the Pearly Earring, Prismacolor Pencil, NFS

4. Maria Balingit, Portrait of Larry, Soft Pastel Pencil, NFS

5. Mary Liz Tippin Moody, Red Summer Collection, Watercolor and Ink, $400

6. Mary Liz Tippin Moody, Morning Meadow, Watercolor, $350

7. Fran Buie, On Point, Oil, $160

8. Fran Buie, Days Gone By, Oil, $300

9. Diane Orgorzaly, Alison at Mexico Beach, Watercolor, NFS

10. Diane Orgorzaly, Fiona, Watercolor Print, $100

11. Gail Bauman, Golden Girls, Alcohol Ink, $65

12. Gail Bauman, Surf’s Up, Pastels, $65

13. Eluster Richardson, A Field of Oaks, Oil, $2500

14. Eluster Richardson, Red Rock Canyon, Oil, $2500

15. Debra Lachter, I’ll Be Heron from You, Watercolor, $600

16. Debra Lachter, Rustic, Watercolor, $450

17. Debbie Gaedtke, Spring River, Oil, $750

18. Debbie Gaedtke, The Fisherman, Oil, NFS

19. Mariann Kearsley, Grandmother Bernice, Pencil, NFS

20. Mark Fletcher, Soup Pond, Watercolor and Ink, $700

21. Mark Fletcher, Wood Storks, Watercolor and Ink, $700