Senior Artist Showcase

An exhibit of artworks by Senior Artists in the Big Bend Area.

To purchase a piece, please contact and she will put you in touch with the artist directly.

To register for art classes, please visit:

Join us for the Art Reception on Friday, September 16, from 6 – 7:30pm
In addition to the awards ceremony, there will be live music by the talented local band Hot Tamale, Plus, a fun game inspired by the artwork for the family and refreshments. We hope to see you there!
Thank you to The Sketchley Law Firm for sponsoring the Art Reception!

People’s Choice Winners:

Favorite Landscape: Mary Liz Tippin-Moody, Stone Ridge Fortress
Favorite Water Scene: Siroos Tamaddoni-Jahromi, Santa Marta Lighthouse and Museum-Portugal
Favorite Animal: Cathy Neel, Shared Memories
Favorite Portrait: Audrey Thomson, Thea Salomé
Favorite 3D Artwork: Debby Rios, Lotus
Favorite Use of Color: Rita Barker, Sinatra’s Boy
Most Creative: Francoise King, Summertime
Overall Favorite: Rita Barker, Sinatra’s Boy

Click on the images below to view a larger version of each piece. Enjoy!
  1. Jacqueline Lloyd, Train to Rio Chama, Acrylic, NFS

2. Siroos Tamaddoni-Jahromi, Santa Marta Lighthouse and Museum-Portugal, Oil, NFS


3. Joel L Thornton, Blazing Landscape, Oil on Canvas, NFS

4. Michael Burchfield, Emily’s World, Oil on Canvas, $3,000

What inspired this artwork?

5. Tom Friedman, Trio, Watercolor, $450

What inspired this artwork?

6. Mary Lou MerrittSmith, Guinea Hen at Attention, Acrylic, $375

7. Rita Barker, Sinatra’s Boy, Acrylic, NFS

8. Richard Meister, Matheson Hammock Park, Oil, $300

9. Mary Liz Tippin-Moody, Stone Ridge Fortress, Watercolor and Ink, $400

10. Georgia Turner, Down the Road, Pastels, $200

11. Elvi Nichols, Monteriana, Oil on Canvas, NFS

12. Marie Cowart, Kingfisher, Colored Pencil, NFS

13. Maria Renzulli, Beacon of Hope, Photograph printed on Canvas, $195

14. Judy Fongheiser, Tallahassee Graceful Trees, Acrylic, $100

15. Cathy Neel, Shared Memories, Watercolor, $200


What inspired this artwork?

16. Susan Lester, The Mystery of Chickens, Watercolor, NFS

17. Audrey Thomson, Thea Salomé, Acrylic, NFS


18. Lucy Grzywacz, One Leaf at a Time, Digital Photography, NFS

19. Joyce Raichelson, Iris, Watercolor, $275

20. Robert DeWitt Smith, Great Blue Heron in Yellow Zone, Oil on Canvas, NFS

What inspired this artwork?

21. Debbie Gaedtke, South Porch, Oil on Canvas, $290

22. Thomas DeLopez, Nest Builder, Digital Photography, $170


23. Joan Kanan, Dusk, Oil, $425

24. Terry Hawkins, Great Blue, Oil, $600


What inspired this artwork?

25. Teresa Miller, Snow Shadows, Oil Painting, NFS

26. Cathy McGregor, Ready to Fledge, Acrylic, NFS


27. Brenda Francis, Last Stroll Before Dark, Oil, $1,900


What inspired this artwork?

28. Judy Macdonald, Three Gulls, Acrylic on Canvas, $85

29. Thomas Mitas, Fallen Tree, Oil on Canvas, $640

30. Nikki LoRe, Blue Heron in Flight, Watercolor, $110

31. Don Stock, Western Tanager #1, Oil, NFS

32. Charles Townsend, Harbor View-St Thomas, Watercolor, $200

What inspired this artwork?

33. Francoise King, Summertime, Mixed Media, $140


34. Sandy DeLopez, St. Marks Starlight, Acrylic, $195

35. Lee McHugh, Dawn: 07/26/2020 6:54am, Digital Photograph, $250

36. Debby Rios, Lotus, Clay, NFS

37. Susan Stetson, Sunflower Tray, Ceramics, $20

38. Jeff Bastian, Rattlesnake Disc, Clay, NFS

39. Leslie Cohen, Harvest Moon, Fiber and Wood, $100

40, Victoria Hall, Peace of Mind, Acrylic, $450

41. Judith Ehrhardt, Recycle Reuse Repurpose, Mixed Media Fiber and Beads, NFS

What inspired this artwork?

42. Maria Balingit, Proposal, Ink on Paper, NFS

43. Laura DeVries, Here’s looking at you, Oil on Masonite, $350

44. Nancy Maudlin, Sir Humphrey at Rest, Pastel, $200

45. Amy Cober, The Road Traveled, Acrylic, $1,000