Winter Wonderwalls

An exhibit of artworks by TSC for the Arts participants.

To purchase a piece, please contact and she will put you in touch with the artist directly.

For more information about the TSC Arts Program, please email To register for art classes, please visit:

Click on the images below to view a larger version of each piece. Enjoy!

  1. Lynn Heacock, Snowy Night, Watercolor, NFS
  1. Cathy Neel, Longyearbyen, Watercolor, $100
  1. Joyce Bastian, Moonlight On The Snow, Watercolor, NFS

4. Chip Townsend, Winter Lake, Watercolor, $60

  1. Joyce Bastian, Mountain Pines, Watercolor, $70

6. Judy Fongheiser, Winter Wonderland, Acrylic, $100

7. Jackie Lloyd, Winter Wonderland, Acrylic, NFS

  1. Judy Fongheiser, Silent Running, Acrylic, NFS
  1. Cathy Neel, Peace, Watercolor, NFS
  1. Cathy Neel, Ny-Alesund, Norway, Watercolor, NFS

11.Terry Hawkins, Grandhaven Lighthouse, Michigan, Oil, $120

  1. Brenda Francis, Trish’s Snowman, Oil, NFS
  1. Allison Edwards, After Snowman I by Cheri Wollenberg, Acrylic, NFS

14.Allison Edwards, Silent Night, Acrylic, NFS

  1. Mary Berman, Petoskey Christmas, Oil, NFS
  1. Mary Lou Merritt Smith, Minnesota Winter in a Flash, Acrylic, $250

17. Tom Mitas, Trees With A Gape, Oil, $600

  1. Patsy Stokes, Cardinals in December, Acrylic, NFS
  1. Debbie Gaedtke, Snow Glow, Oil, $125

20. Tom Mitas, Trees In A Sunny Grove, Oil, $600